iPhone art

If you’re like me, your iPhone is constantly by your side.  Being that I spend so much time with my phone, I felt the time had come for a phone cover upgrade.  Earlier today I set out to discover some really amazing and eye-catching designs.  Take a peek at these beauties.  Side note: Society6 has a really large, super stylish collection.

HelloHello  Agate  SheBelievedSheCould  BandoHeart

StopMakingExcuses  Bonjour  Frenchie  JonAdler

BandoConfetti  PressedFlowers  ShopBop  PaintStrokes

Top Row – L to R: Hello Hello // Agate // She Believed She Could // Stripes/Neon Pink Heart

Middle Row – L to R: Just Do Things // Bonjour // Frenchie // Architectural Borders

Bottom Row – L to R: Dottie // Pressed Violas // Yang // Paint Strokes