World’s Largest Outdoor Art Gallery

(Photo by David Graham)

Planning a trip to Philadelphia this summer?  Put down the cheesesteak and step away from the Liberty Bell.  Save some time to see  some of the hidden gems that await you in the City of Brotherly Love.   Started in 1984, the Mural Arts Program began as a way to eradicate the graffiti crisis plaguing the city.  Fast forward 30 years and the Mural Arts Program has overseen the creation of over 3,800 pieces of art painted on sides of buildings. 2,000 are still viewable by the public, making this collection the “World’s Largest Outdoor Art Gallery.”

(Photo by Jack Ramsdale)

Support the city-wide initiative and the mission that “art ignites change” by purchasing a ticket to one of many tours offered.  Experience these magnificent masterpieces by trolley, on foot, or on the unique Love Letter Train Tour where you can “view 50 romantic murals from the elevated train line and platforms on this one-of-a-kind subway tour.”

(Photo by Adam Wallacavage)

(Photo by Tom Crane)

Tribute to Frank Guarrera
(Photo by Jack Ramsdale)

As they say around here, “you’re gonna love the arts in Philadelphia.”

iPhone art

If you’re like me, your iPhone is constantly by your side.  Being that I spend so much time with my phone, I felt the time had come for a phone cover upgrade.  Earlier today I set out to discover some really amazing and eye-catching designs.  Take a peek at these beauties.  Side note: Society6 has a really large, super stylish collection.

HelloHello  Agate  SheBelievedSheCould  BandoHeart

StopMakingExcuses  Bonjour  Frenchie  JonAdler

BandoConfetti  PressedFlowers  ShopBop  PaintStrokes

Top Row – L to R: Hello Hello // Agate // She Believed She Could // Stripes/Neon Pink Heart

Middle Row – L to R: Just Do Things // Bonjour // Frenchie // Architectural Borders

Bottom Row – L to R: Dottie // Pressed Violas // Yang // Paint Strokes