Friday five


1.  I need to make this “Choco Taco” this weekend // Thrillist

2.  The History of the Ramen Noodle // The New Yorker

3.  The single best condiment for grilled corn on the cob – chipotle lime butter // Bon Appétit

4.  10 Buzzy Superfoods That Work // Refinery29

5.  Presto change-o…easy food hack for converting soft shells to hard taco shells // Foodbeast

Have a great weekend!

Happy trails to you, until we meet again…it’s Friday

If you’re a blog aficionado, then I’m guessing today’s post will probably look familiar to you.  I’m starting a new series called “Friday Five”.  As a news junkie and communications choreographer (thanks Lindsay A. for allowing me to borrow this moniker) I’m constantly scouring the web for interesting, informative and thought-provoking content to add to my arsenal of conversation starters.  Here are some of the cool stories I’m reading today.  Have a nice weekend!


1.  3 Easy Water Infused Recipes // A Beautiful Mess

2.  11 Things You Didn’t Know About Lucky Charms // Thrillist

3.  Best Airport Food Across the U.S. // Delish/Food & Wine

4.  Red Velvet Cake: A Classic, Not a Gimmick // New York Times

5.  How to Win Reservations and Influence Waiters by David Chang // GQ


What are you reading today?