Wedding registry checklist

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Over the weekend my husband and I attended a friend’s wedding in south Florida.  It was so nice to soak up some sunshine and celebrate the marriage of two wonderful people.  Now that “wedding season” (generally April-October) is upon us, I began thinking about one of the main components of the wedding planning process, the wedding registry.  The wedding registry is the chance for the couple to create the ultimate wish list for the beginning of their new life together.  What could easily be considered one of the most fun and exciting parts of the wedding planning process, can turn ugly rather quickly if you haven’t planned ahead.  I’ve been through this process myself and spent countless hours researching what the experts recommend.  Trust me, you don’t need the panini press, you’ll never use it!  To avoid a melt down over which plate setting to select, I’ve put together a best-of-the-best wedding registry checklist.


Take this checklist with a grain of salt – there are many factors to consider, such as:

1.  Size matters.  When storage space is at a premium, the bare essentials are best.
2.  Different strokes for different folks.  If you’re not into baking, you don’t need a KitchenAid on your list.  You can always get one down the road if you decide to open your own cupcake shop.
3.  When was the last time you were carded?  If you’re getting married young, you’ll probably need a lot more of the basics. If it’s been a few years since you last showed your ID, perhaps you’re better off upgrading some current items or looking into some more unconventional options such as a honeymoon fund.


– Dinner plates (8-12)
– Salad plates (8-12)
– Bowls (8-12)
– Flatware (8-12)
– Mugs (8-12)
– High ball glasses (8-12)
– Old fashioned glasses (8-12)
– Juice glasses (8-12)
– Red wine glasses (8-12)
– White wine glasses (8-12)
– Champagne flutes (8-12)
– Martini glasses (8-12)
– Cocktail shaker
– Ice bucket and tongs
– Wine opener
– Large serving platter (1-3)
– Small serving platter (1-3)
– Salad bowl and salad tongs
– Chip and dip set
– Large serving bowls (2-4)
– Small serving bowls (2-4)
– Serving spoon and fork
– Butter dish
– Gravy boat
– Glass pitcher
– Cake stand


– Knife set
– Stainless steel cookware set
– Non-stick frying pan
– Dutch oven
– Grill pan
– 9×12 baking dish
– Mixing bowls
– Set of glass prep bowls
– Cutting boards
– Glass storage containers with lids
– Colander
– Cheese grater
– Salt and pepper grinder set
– Measuring cups
– Measuring spoons
– Rolling pin
– Whisk
– Wooden spoons
– Spatulas
– Baking sheets
– Muffin tins
– Cake pans
– Cooling racks


– Sheet towels (4+)
– Hand towels (4+)
– Wash cloths (4+)
– Bath mat
– Flat sheet
– Fitted sheet
– Standard pillows
– Standard pillow cases
– Pillow shams
– Bedskirt
– Blanket or quilt
– Duvet and duvet cover or down comforter
– Dish towels
– Cloth napkins
– Tablecloth or table runner


– Crockpot
– Coffee maker
– Food processor
– Blender
– Toaster or toaster oven
– Stand mixer or hand mixer
– Vacuum
– Dust buster
– Iron

– Luggage
– Throw blankets
– Camera
– Bathroom scale
– iPod sound system