3 etiquette tips I just learned

Full disclosure: I am not an etiquette expert. I just stumbled upon these three interesting etiquette tips and thought they were worth sharing.



Making an Introduction:

When introducing someone, you should always say their name first and their relationship to you second.  That way, you spotlight the person–not their connection to you.

Wrong: “This is my husband, Jay.”
Right: “This is Jay, my husband.”

Wine Etiquette:

While taking a sip, you should politely look into your glass. (And not at another person, if you’re in the middle of a conversation.)

Dinner Etiquette:

When you are finished with your meal, your knife and fork should be placed on your plate diagonally from upper left to lower right (11 to 5 if you imagine your plate as a clock face). This is a secret code to the waiter (or host) that you’re finished.