App alert – Untappd

Three cheers for beer!  This new app is perfectly timed considering we’re in the midst of Beer Week here in Philadelphia.  I’ve been seeing this app gain a lot of praise all over the place and after trying it out for myself, I’m a believer.

Meet Untappd, your new best drinking app.

Photo by Gaelen Norman via flickr

This free app allows beer enthusiasts keep track of the brews they drink, save beers to try, and read reviews.  You can also check in to bars with the beers you’re drinking and earn badges while leaving tips and reviews for your friends and other app users. It give you the ability to easily find nearby craft beers and bars, see what beers are trending, as well as see where your friends are drinking.  After a short while, the app learns your palette and makes recommendations based on your preferences.  Prepare to take beer drinking to a whole nother level!