Vacation fantasies

In a previous post I mention my husband, the travel planning extraordinaire.  While he manages the logistics of our travel adventures, I spend my time drooling over photos of exotic locations and luxury hotels that I hope to visit at some point in my life.  Maybe I’m late to the party, but have you checked out the Mr. & Mrs. Smith website?  It’s a collection of best-in-class boutique and luxury hotels from all over the globe.  They help to take the guesswork out of finding a truly exceptional vacation by “touring the world’s most stylish and unique hotels, from New York to New Zealand, London to Los Angeles and everywhere in between.”  These hotels truly are amazing and while there are some that carry a hefty price tag, there are a substantial number that are affordable considering the amenities.  I love these…

This just looks oh, so California cool.  The Charlie // Los Angeles, CA

Southern charm and sweet tea, yes please!  Zero George Street // Charleston, SC

Super-chic Caribbean vacay.  Hotel Christopher // St. Barths

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get any better than Provence, so I’m told!  Le Couvent des Minimes Hôtel & Spa // Provence, France

Italians know how to live well!  Capri Tiberio Palace // Capri, Italy

Where would you like to go?


One thought on “Vacation fantasies

  1. Emily these places look awesome…my dream vacay would be a Viking Riverboat Cruise…with an itinary stopping at Highclere Castle for High Tea!…,someday!

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