Beach gear must haves

Doesn’t it seem strange that Memorial Day weekend is upon us?  It seems really early this year.  We’re headed to the Jersey shore to hang out with some good friends and have a little barbecue.  Since this weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, I thought I’d share some super cool beach gear that I didn’t know existed, but I really must have!  Also, a big thanks to all the men and women of the Armed Forces who have given so much for this country!  It’s a bit early, but have a great holiday weekend!


1.  Sunnylife Beach Sounds Radio // Bloomingdales // $39.99 (on sale!)

2.  Travel Vault // Wayfair // $19.42

3.  Clearly Cool Plastic Beach Set // Echo // $38

4.  Beach Bocce Ball // Sea Turtle Sports // $115

5.  Red Pop-Up Cooler // Sachi // $32.99